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Bug#283050: IP22 MIPS Linux Install Failure

* Philippe Vachon <phirkel@engsoc.org> [2004-11-26 00:02]:
> 1. The version of fdisk that comes with Debian Installer REALLY sucks...
> namely because I had to figure out on paper my partition table, rather

We'll move to something else after sarge.

> 2. After installing the base system, and writing with ARCS to the PROM the
> values I was told to by d-i after the installation of the base system was
> complete, the system failed completely to boot -- it would load the ARCS
> kernel loader, which then proceeded to tell me it couldn't find the
> Kernel.

Can you put a kernel on your TFTP server and then boot into the Debian
system?  Can you then investigate and see whether the kernel is really
there.  i.e. look into /boot and also take a look at /etc/arcboot.conf
Martin Michlmayr

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