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Bug#283227: Fwd: Re: Bug#283227: installation-reports

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Subject: Re: Bug#283227: installation-reports
Date: Monday 29 November 2004 08:57
From: Daniel MacDonald <danboid@yahoo.co.uk>
To: Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl>

> Well, you could also have quickly browsed through
> the F1 - F10 help
> screens where such options are listed.

True, but most there are a lot of screens with many
options there and it isn't entirely obvious where that
one is found- I couldn't find it and I learnt about
the 'linux26' command through reading some docs on the
web. Most people will prefer the 2.6 kernel and this
will be a highly common boot option, the only one most
people need to know so i still think it would be good
to highlight that one at boot.

> Did you by any chance select a mountpoint for your
> windows partition the
> second time? In that case, this is a known problem
> (see bug #251794).

You're right, I didn't check the known bugs before
submitting my report.

Thanks Frans! Keep up the good work.


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