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Bug#283116: Debian Installer Report

> Comments/Problems:
> Installing worked fine until the reboot, whereafter it could not find
> the IDE hard drive. Power-cycling fixed this, so I imagine it is a
> problem with the power management. Have been recommended to compile

It's quite likely, yes

> custom kernel with APM, so going to try that. Also, small note, not
> sure if this is the install or tasksel problem, but tasksel fails
> completely to install desktop environment, citing problems with
> various kde elements --> claims they are all uninstallable. Hoping
> this is some sort of testing bug, but it has stuck around for a couple
> of days.

I've been hit by the same problem which kills my fully automated
installs of desktop systems, at this moment.

I guess that release managers are aware of this. Just in case, I'm
cc'ing -release....

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