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Add lspci to the list of binaries installed by d-i?

> > Output of lspci and lspci -n:?
> Run lspci and lspci -n at the command line. We need this information to
> deal with hardware detection problems.

Debian Installer testers answers to this are very often that lspci is
not available if they switch to vt2 during the install. Then our
answer is recommending them to boot with something else, like Knoppix

I'm wondering whether it could be possible to add /usr/bin/lspci as
soon as possible in the installation process.

That binary is part of the pciutils package. This is why I CC this
mail to the package maintainer.

That would probably require the pciutils source package to build a
udeb package with only /usr/bin/lspci in it.

There may be other arguments against this, but imho, this needs to be
discussed...unless it has already been discussed and I'm not

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