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Bug#283149: Obfuscated Argentinian Timezones

Package: base-config
Serverity: normal


I've seen this bug for a while now.  Sorry for not reporting it earlier.

When prompted to select the timezone, at second stage of the installer, if
you have chosen "Argentina" as the country, you get a dialog that is too
big to fit on screen, but can be corrected to show up correctly:

The timezones are shown with the names of the most important Argentinian
cities, followed by a series of 2 initials, like TF, RT, VB, etc.
This initials don't really mean anything to Argentinian people (we don't
refer to our cities by their initials), and are the cause of the screen
getting too wide.

If just the names of the cities could be shown, it could be much better.

This information is located in /usr/share/zoneinfo/zone.tab, and I'm
referring mainly to the "TZ" and "comments" column.  I think it would be
better if just the "TZ" information was shown, without the comments.

 Bessos,    (o_
    Marga.  (\)_

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