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Bug#283149: Obfuscated Argentinian Timezones

reassign 283149 libc6
retitle 283149 Please shorten down Argentinian timezones names

Quoting Margarita Manterola (debian@marga.com.ar):
> Package: base-config
> Serverity: normal
> Hi!
> I've seen this bug for a while now.  Sorry for not reporting it earlier.
> When prompted to select the timezone, at second stage of the installer, if
> you have chosen "Argentina" as the country, you get a dialog that is too
> big to fit on screen, but can be corrected to show up correctly:
> The timezones are shown with the names of the most important Argentinian
> cities, followed by a series of 2 initials, like TF, RT, VB, etc.
> This initials don't really mean anything to Argentinian people (we don't
> refer to our cities by their initials), and are the cause of the screen
> getting too wide.
> If just the names of the cities could be shown, it could be much better.
> This information is located in /usr/share/zoneinfo/zone.tab, and I'm
> referring mainly to the "TZ" and "comments" column.  I think it would be
> better if just the "TZ" information was shown, without the comments.

This file is part of the libc6 package. Hence reassigning the bug to
this package

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