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Re: Can I use an apt-cacher to install?

On Thursday 25 November 2004 10:51, David Goodenough wrote:
> I have a server which runs apt-cacher.  I use it for all apt-get updates
> and upgrades on my system, but I have had no luck trying to install using
> it.
> I tried setting it as the proxy (i.e. using the insertion of the proxy bit
> at the start of the URL to gain access to the server), but that did not
> seem to work.
> Is there a way of taking an existing Debian mirror address from the list
> and then modifying it, so that I can add to the front
> of it?  Or do I have to enter the entire mirror address including the bit
> above and if so how do I say to the installer that I will enter the address
> rather than taking one from the list?
> Thanks in advance
> David
I found on the web a bit about using "enter the mirror manually", so I 
found that, and entered first the address:-

then the directory took the default "/debian/", no proxy and then entered
http as the protocol.  That took me straight back to the "select a mirror"
panel, it never even tried to access the server (I was watching with 

How do I get it to use this manually entered info.

I am using pre-RC2, but I will try RC2.


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