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Re: Bug#282763: Installation report amd64 (gcc-3.4)

On Wednesday 24 November 2004 05:21, Joey Hess wrote:
> Harald Dunkel wrote:
> > After manually partition the disk there was a popup saying
> >
> >  Partition disks:
> >  No EFI partition was found
> >
> > Ignored. The rest of the installation went fine.
> I thought EFI was only an ia64 thing. Strange. Could you send a tarball
> of /var/log/debian-installer/ from the installed system so I can try to
> see why it was doing EFI stuff?
I set the arch to be ia64 for partman-efi where this lives.  I noticed that
there were hppa and other recipes in the /var/lib tree in the installer.
These should not even be present although it seemed other logic kept
them from being used.  If I understand this stuff correctly, this udeb
shouldn't even be built for non-ia64.
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