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rc2 on sparc with lvm/md: problems

hi folks,

i just tested rc2 on a sparc ultra 10 where i would love to have the two
discs as a stripe set. i experience a small weird thing and two showstoppers:
- when i set a partition to be a lvm volume, i can't set it back to "don't 
  use" directly, but if i change it to "ext3" and then to "don't use" it 
  works. probably just a user interface glitch
- in order to create a md raid i need partitions of type "md auto detect", 
  but how am i supposed to create any if the partitioner doesn't support
  it and fdisk isn't around either?
- so instead of md i tried lvm, but it doesn't work. console 3 says my kernel 
  is lacking the required device mapper targets

i don't know if this are really bugs, or whether i'm just too stupid, so 
please give me some hints on what i can do to figure out...

cu  robert

Robert Lemmen                               http://www.semistable.com 

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