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Bug#282757: RC2 installation on i386: 2.4 fails, 2.6 succeeds

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 08:20:11 -0500, Joey Hess wrote:

>Herbert Kaminski wrote:
>> Installed RC2 on a brand new computer from german computer chain VOBIS.
>> While kernel 2.4 hangs while detecting the hard drive, 
>> 2.6 completes the installation without apparent problems.
>Do you remember what kernel module the 2.4 installer said it was loading
>when it hung? 

"Loading module 'sd_mod' for 'SCSI disk support'...

typing 'ps ax' on VC2 tells me:
.....S   /bin/sh /var/lib/dpkg/info/cdrom-detect.postinst conf
.....S   /bin/sh /bin/hw-detect cdrom-detect/detect_progress_t
.....SW  [scsi-eh_0]
.....SW  [scsi-eh_1]
.....SW  [usb-storage-0]
.....SW  [scsi-eh_2]
.....S   modprobe -v sd_mod
.....S   sh -c insmod   sd_mod
.....D   insmod sd_mod
.....R   ps ax

This box has a built-in multi-cardreader on USB. I meanwhile found out
that, on the 2.6 system, this seemed unable to read my CF card (or I
don't know how 2.6 is supposed to handle this, at least 'dd if=/dev/sdb
of=/dev/null count=4' returns "reading `/dev/sdb': input/output error").
Could this be the real reason?


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