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Bug#282632: base-config: Appears to "hang" during an automated Welsh install

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):

> Christian Perrier wrote:
> root      2905  0.0  0.2  4256 1304 pts/0    S+   14:21   0:00 perl -ne ???BEGIN { $/="\n\n"; $type=shift; $mirror=shift }???if (/Site: $mirror/ && /Archive-$type: (.*)\n/) {????print $1;????exit;???}?? ftp /usr/lib/base-config/Mirrors.masterlist

> It seems that mirror_dir is being called in apt-setup with an empty $2.
> his could only happen if apt-setup/mirror was somehow not set, and if
> you're using manual mirror entry.

I use a manual mirror, yes

d-i	mirror/protocol		select ftp
d-i	mirror/country		string enter information manually
d-i	mirror/ftp/hostname	string dris-smpsrv.onera
d-i	mirror/ftp/directory	string /debian
d-i	mirror/http/hostname	string dris-smpsrv.onera
d-i	mirror/http/directory	string /debian
d-i	mirror/http/proxy	string http://proxy.onera:80/
base-config	apt-setup/uri_type	select ftp
base-config	apt-setup/country	select enter information manually
base-config	apt-setup/hostname	string dris-smpsrv.onera
base-config	apt-setup/directory	string /debian
base-config	apt-setup/another	boolean false
#base-config	apt-setup/non-free	boolean true
#base-config	apt-setup/contrib	boolean true
base-config	apt-setup/security-updates	boolean false

BTW, you forgot the attachments.

I just sent them.

The general problem here is that I use the exact same preseed files
(see the attachments I finally sent to the BTS) all over my localized
automated installs...and it only fails for Welsh.

One may notice that Welsh has a 2nd stage which does not look very
well : no borders around dialog boxes for instance...which, in the
past, indicated some nasty problems with either framebuffer or
jfbterm. Welsh defaults to a UTF-8 locale but has no special handling
in termwrap. I suspect these problems may be linked in some way.

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