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Bug#282632: base-config: Appears to "hang" during an automated Welsh install

> The general problem here is that I use the exact same preseed files
> (see the attachments I finally sent to the BTS) all over my localized
> automated installs...and it only fails for Welsh.

I got it.

>From base-config.log:

debconf (db configdb): trying to getfield(apt-setup/country value) ..
debconf (db configdb): getfield done by config
debconf (developer): --> 0 rhoi gwybodaeth â llawAustralia
debconf (developer): <-- SET apt-setup/country rhoi gwybodaeth â llawAustralia
debconf (db configdb): trying to setfield(apt-setup/country value rhoi gwybodaeth â llawAustralia) ..
debconf (db configdb): passing to config ..

In po/cy.po for base-config:

#. translators: there MUST be a comma followed by a space at the end
#. of your translation, or things will break!
#: ../apt-setup:76
msgid "enter information manually, "
msgstr "rhoi gwybodaeth â llaw"

Please note the missing comma....:-)

Daf, please add one beer (Welsh taste allowed) on my beer credit...:-)

Happy Thanksgiving, Joey...

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