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Re: Search for patched yaboot testers ...

On Nov 13, 2004, at 8:44 AM, Sven Luther wrote:

On Fri, Nov 12, 2004 at 04:54:46PM -0500, Rick Thomas wrote:

I got a chance to do an install from your mini.iso on a test machine.
It's a "G4 350 MHz (AGP graphics)".  I'm not clear as to whether this
will install your test yaboot or not, but here's what happened:

This will use my test yaboot for booting from the CD.

I booted off the CD and chose the default (i.e. non-expert) install at
the "boot:" prompt. I answered all the i18n questions with the default (US-English) and configured the network manually (no DHCP on this net).
I chose the "debain.rutgers.edu" mirror because it's located in the
next building over on the same campus and I have a 100-Mbit connection
via campus LAN to it from the test machine. (I'm used to doing installs
over a fairly fast cable-modem that gets about 4 Mbit/sec on a good
day. This was *much* faster. <-8) When it came time to partition the
disk, I chose a guided partitioning, and it set me up with a 1 MB
"boot" partition, a 4 GB "root" partition, and a 260 MB swap partition.

Then, for some reason I don't understand, it tried to install the
"quik" bootloader. This is definitely a NewWorld machine, so it should
have known better -- I would think!  In any case, that got an error,
and it offered to let me install yaboot instead, which I did.

This is definitively a bug, could you fill a bug report about this ? i guess quil-installer or debian-installer are the packages to report a bug against.

As I understand the discussion so far, this is just a bug in the mini.iso, and will not affect the netinst or businesscard .iso images. And nobody is interested in fixing the mini.iso problem, so there's no point in filing a bug report at this time.

When the first phase was over, and it came time for the reboot,
everything went completely as expected, and I finished the installation
after an uneventful reboot.  If this was using your new yaboot, then
I'd say the test was successful.

Well, to test booting from the disk, you need to install my yaboot .deb, run
ybin, and try rebooting.

If this sequence does *not* exercise your new yaboot, please give me
instructions for what to do next.  I'll be in Atlanta for the
USENIX/LISA conference all next week, so my next opportunity for
testing will be a week from now.


So what I need now is a pointer to your patched yaboot .deb file. Can you give me a URL or whatever it is I need?



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