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Bug#281590: tasksel: Should not clear cache if installation failed

On Tuesday 16 November 2004 21:47, Joey Hess wrote:
> I don't see how this could cause the cache to be cleaned if the tasksel
> run failed.

You are correct. The issue is partly with aptitude.

If aptitude is called with --visual-preview and the installation fails or 
is cancelled by the user after downloading packages, aptitude exits with 
exit status 0 instead of with an error status.
I will clone this bug to aptitude for that.

IMHO, this still leaves an issue in tasksel, that should maybe be solved 
together with #272360.
If manual package selection was chosen and aptitude is quit normally by 
the user, tasksel should not just finish (deleting the cache) and 
continue with the next installation step.
IMHO it would be much better to allow the user to confirm that he is 
finished, or allow him to return to the tasksel main screen or to run 
aptitude again.
The reason is that we don't really know _why_ the user quit aptitude and 
so can't really rely on the exit status being 0.

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