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Bug#281590: tasksel: Should not clear cache if installation failed

Frans Pop wrote:
> Currently the cache is always deleted as soon as aptitude finishes package 
> installation.
> This is very not nice if the installation fails for some reason (or is 
> cancelled by the user) as packages will have very likely have to be 
> downloaded again, and again, ...
> I suggest that the cache only be cleaned if there were no errors during 
> the installation.

The only cache cleaning that I know of is in base-config:

        if which tasksel >/dev/null 2>&1; then
                if [ "$1" = new ]; then
                if ! tasksel -ris $tasksel_param; then
                        $0 failure
                        exit 1

        if [ "$KEEP_BASE_DEBS" != yes ]; then
                apt-get -f clean || true

I don't see how this could cause the cache to be cleaned if the tasksel
run failed.

see shy jo

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