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Bug#281878: installation-reports: Several failures with RC1 on Oldworld Powermac

On Thu, Nov 18, 2004 at 07:51:27PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:

> > Debian-installer-version: RC1 floppies from
> RC1 is ancient and can not work anymore because of kernel changes.

Ahh, okay.  I'm pretty sure that when I downloaded it a few days ago
the d-i web site recommended it as an "installation that works", but
checking back now it recommends pre-RC2.

> If you really want to try d-i for powerpc, you should at least get the 
> pre-rc2 version, but better is probably using the daily builds. Both 
> available from [1].

I tried the daily from http://people.debian.org/~luther/d-i/images/2004-11-18/powerpc/
and got a little further.

The 2.4 boot.img works (kinda), but the 2.6 one still hangs with the
penguin-mac icon (at the point where 2.4 ejects the floppy and starts
the kernel).

For some reason the installer defaulted to a more 'verbose' mode than
I've seen before (on i386 and alpha).

DHCP didn't work; according to ethereal, it never sent out any DHCP
requests.  When I set up networking by hand, it complained about
having a "bad archive mirror".  It seems to be a problem with the
network driver (mace): it detects a different MAC address to what Open
Firmware and NetBSD give it (00:05:02:22:16:2C in Debian, vs
00:A0:40:44:68:34 elsewhere).  Dmesg also reports "mace: lost a status


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