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Bug#281923: Install report: successfull

Luca Capello wrote:
>  Nothing more to say about the installation itself: on this machine all worked
> well and the installation process was very easy. The French transaltion seems
> ok
> (even if I'm not French mother-language), probably when you choose the method
> for the installation, CD-Rom should be left as /CD-Rom/ and not translated as
> /cédérom/.

Do you remember where you saw that? I cannot seem to find it in any of
our french translations.

>  I didn't try to install a desktop environment (I installed later the Xserver,
> GNOME and so on, manually selecting the packages I need and X11 automatically
> worked with the 'nv' open source driver), but I'd like to have the possibility
> to choose singolar component of the desktop environment. Let's say:
>     [x] Desktop Environment
>      [x] X server
>      [x] GNOME
>      [ ] KDE

If you want to do this, choose manual package selection. You can also
select the destkop task to start off this it all install and manual
selection to remove bits.

see shy jo

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