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Bug#281667: Debian-Installer report

> Other thoughts during installation:
> - The messages at several stages of the install, that some drivers are 
> not available at the moment, are irritating; thought first something 
> went wrong.

You were in expert mode....you got the information you implicitely
asked for..:-)

> - Missed an option for a basic firewall configuration.

I'm not sure whether it should be turned into a wishlist bug against
netcfg. Anyway, this is for sure post-sarge....

netcfg people, do you think something could be done?

> - d-i told me several times during installation that the computer might 
> support PCMCIA; kind of highly irritating because it's a desktop system 
> wighout any PC-Card slots. Might be caused by the Netgear WLAN card or 
> just a strange error.

You were in expert mode...blah blah..:-)

> - The partitioning tool ist quite nice; however, it should not suggest 
> partitionings which don't work (1024 limit).

I guess that more details are needed here.

> - The setting of the timezone could be easier; it's painless, if you 
> have a Windows PC where you can look it up, but most users don't care 
> too much about their timezone relative to GMT; so maybe a simple list 
> ("your hardware clock is... GMT time is... if you are in..." or 
> something like this).

Well, the hundreds Windows machines I install and, unfortunately am in
duty to keep in good shape, indeed have a timezone setup which refers
to GMT....Again, the extra question you got about  cmputer clock and
GMT only shows up in expertmode...which is not aimed at novice users.

> - The text mode interface for d-i is fine for me, there's IMHO no need 
> for a graphical installer.

Though this is widely true, there are indeed arguments for a graphical
installer anyway. Mine is opening internationalisation by adding an
easier support for some languages families.

> - d-i could offer some advice for configuring the computer for certain 
> tasks (router, file server, desktop workstation etc.) or at least point 
> to the task system. But a user which doesn't finds out quickly about it 
> will surely fail with Debian anyway.

This is tasksel extensions (new tasks probably) which will be added
post-sarge and, I'm afraid, if some manpower comes in the d-i team....:-)

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