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Bug#281407: loops forever

On Nov 15, 2004, at 11:09 AM, Joey Hess wrote:

Package: s390-dasd
Severity: normal

I see a loop in s390-dasd, it asks me if I want to format device 0120,
I say yet, it formats it and asks me again. Over and over. If I say no,
it just asks me again. The back button has no effect. I've tried to run
the dasdfmt command by hand, and it succeeds.

That's odd. I've seen dasdfmt refuse to touch virgin DASD before--I usually either CMS format it, or use ICKDSF to format the first track of it--but in that case a manual dasdfmt would also fail. And if you created your DASD with Hercules dasdinit, then it should already have a CDL-compatible format on it (since dasdinit does z/OS formatting). Still, let's try a manual initialization with ICKDSF and see if anything changes. I believe that ickdsf.ipl is shipped with Hercules.

Note: the following procedure will *destroy* your 120 disk; you may want to try it on a new volume rather than anything you've put time into.

Try defining ickdsf.ipl to Hercules as a 3420 device. So in your Hercules.cnf, put

0580    3420    ickdsf.ipl

I *thought* ICKDSF would work from the HMC, but it isn't for me, so define a 3270 console

001F  3270

And uncomment CNSLPORT 3270

Then start hercules, connect a 3270 emulator to port 3270, and IPL 580.

Go to your 3270 console.

Hit Enter.

You'll be prompted to hit Clear.  Do so.

You should see something like


Type "CONSOLE" (the dot passes the command to the Hercules HMC-equivalent).

CONSOLE should be your output device too.

Then Initialize the volume:


And type "U" to confirm.

This should initialize the DASD volume to prepare it for herc.

Then at the herc console, type STOP, and then IPL 000C (btw: cool! I always used TDF for herc installs; it's nice to know that Hercules will do card reader IPLs too!).

See if you get any farther.

If *not*, do the same thing, but after the INIT, try


and type "U" to confirm, before stopping the processor.

I'm testing this myself, but on a dual-processer P3-833 that's already running a lot of work, it may take me a while.


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