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Bug#281394: env2debconf doesn't work on s390

On Nov 14, 2004, at 4:48 PM, Joey Hess wrote:

Package: rootskel
Severity: normal

Apparently the s390 kernel does not parse the kernel command line for
environment variables. Here I'm in hercules and I've put "foo=bar" in
parmfile.debian, which adds it to the kernel command line

And coming back from the Linux/390 list, something that might help:

Adam Thornton <athornton@sinenomine.net> wrote:
This just in from d-i.

Anyone here know anything about why the kernel doesn't set environment
variables from the command line?

Begin forwarded message:

Command line environment variables are only passed to the init process
(PPID=0). It should work if you retry the test using the following
command line:

ro foo=bar init=/bin/bash

  Peter Oberparleiter

Peter Oberparleiter
Linux on zSeries Development
IBM Development Lab, Boeblingen/Germany

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