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Bug#281394: env2debconf doesn't work on s390

Package: rootskel
Severity: normal

Apparently the s390 kernel does not parse the kernel command line for
environment variables. Here I'm in hercules and I've put "foo=bar" in
parmfile.debian, which adds it to the kernel command line:

~ #                                                                             
PS1='\w \$ '                                                                    
PS2='> '                                                                        
PS4='+ '                                                                        
~ #                                                                             
.cat /proc/cmdline                                                              
cat /proc/cmdline                                                               
ro foo=bar                                                                      
~ #                                                                             
.uname -a                                                                       
uname -a                                                                        
Linux (none) 2.4.27-1-s390 #1 SMP Tue Aug 17 12:18:33 CEST 2004 s390 unknown    

Maybe this is really a kernel bug, I don't know. Should check with the kernel
guys and if there's a reason it cannot set env variables, one fix might
be to parse /proc/cmdline instead of using the environment.

Until this gets fixed, fully automatic, preseeded installs arn't possible
on s390.

see shy jo

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