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Re: Hello! I'm having a really tough time installing debian with a ATA133 RAID!

Corey Hollaway wrote:
My machine is pretty good, all except it has ATA133 RAID from Promise!


My hard drives aren't getting recognized and I'm dual booting XP & Debian. Debian is giving me a really hard time and I've tried many modules on a 3 1/2 floppy to make things right, but all of the modules fail. Plus the boot-floppies on index.old.html don't even exist! UUGGHH! Help me please!

-Corey :(

Hi Corey

How about giving us some infos, so we at debian-boot can help you?

Which version of debian did you try to install (stable, testing, unstable)?
Which sort of install (businesscard, netinstall, netboot, bootfloppies, full
What install command (linux, bf24, expert, linux26 ...)and options?

What computer are you trying (CPU[s], RAM etc.)?
Output of "lspci" and "lspci -n" on 2-nd console?


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