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console-data 2002.12.04dbs-46.1 uploaded to delayed/3-day

A new version of the console-data package has been uploaded to the
delayed queue.

This version is aimed at cleaning out the package's bug log with bugs
which are easy to fix. Some of these bugs are more or less related to
Debian Installer (d-i) development. None of these are critical for d-i
though. A few will however make d-i a little bit more user friendly.

I have tested this upload all past week long. The most "invasive"
patch, aimed at alphabetical sorting of keymap names has been sorted
for 4 weeks now. This is a very common remark from d-i testers that
the keyboard maps list looks like a messy list.

I think about raising a fake RC bug in order to prevent it to enter testing.

In my opinion, this package has to live in sid so that important bugs
are found. Then letting it enter testing will be possible. Doing so
will mostly depend whether d-i is released at that time or not.

As some udebs are part of d-i initrd's, the final word on propagating
this package to testing should be from the d-i team, imho.

PS: the delayed queue in in people.debian.org/~tfheen/DELAYED/ for
people wanting to grab the udebs and test them on local d-i
builds. PLEASE DO THIS as soon as possible.

Changes to the package. Lines markes with "DI" affect d-i behaviour

  * Translations:
    - Added Macedonian (mk) by Georgi Stanojevski
    - Corrected encoding error in French. Closes: #277569
DI  * Select br-abnt2 as the default Brazilian keymap. Closes: #275273.
DI  * Added Lithuanian keymap to console-keymaps-at, console-keymaps-acorn
    for debian-installer. Closes: #275087.
  * Fixed dangling symlink in console-keymaps-at; thanks to Recai Oktas.
    Closes: #262693.
  * Add Anton Zinoviev as co-maintainer.
  * Christian Perrier
    - Add Greek UTF-8 keyboard map. Closes: #273461
    - Add Persian keyboard map. Closes: #267360
    - Add Arabic keyboard map. Closes: #267451
DI    - Remove fr-latin1 choice in console-keymaps-at.templates
      The keyboard map is still kept for backwards compatibility
      Closes: #257632
    - Sync changelog for sarge and sid
DI    - Remove mac-usb-euro choice in console-keymaps-usb.templates
      as well as the console-keymaps-usb udeb
      This will remove the suspicious "European" choice in d-i
      Closes: #280070
DI    - sort keymaps in udeb templates. Closes: #259867
DI    - default to US keymap for USB keyboard and nl_NL installs
      Closes: #280069
  * Martin Pitt (commited by C. Perrier)
DI    - fixed debian/patches/00_added_keymaps.patch: mac-linux-keys-bare.inc
      previously assigned AltGr to 56 and Alt to 125, which is wrong; fixed by
      swapping the assignments. (Ubuntu bug #958)
      Closes: #280433

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