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Bug#280841: partman interface problems

anton@lml.bas.bg (2004-11-12 at 1133.36 +0200):
> > K keep instead of black face, F format
> > instead of white face, R reformat instead of alien, B bootable instead
> > of ray.
> These are English only.  On one hand these letters can be made
> translatable, on the other hand I like these icons. ;-)

They should be translated, of course. But for any task I think perfect
clarity is better. For dangerous and not daily use things, even more.
I remember some UI tests in GNOME, there was one test along the lines
of "what do you think this icon is". All kind of replies, I do not
remember if anybody managed to say what it really was, but way worse
than alien/dog/smashed toon cos in that case the relation was at least
tried by the artist, and these are fixed shapes from a comparatively
tiny font. There is also the issue of local culture, I read about icon
hints that some places do not paint humanoid shapes, maybe some think
rays are bad too... which means "traslate icons".

> > If it is dangerous to reuse swaps, declare it in docs and
> > help, and still let it be skipped.
> Detection of the swap space is not reliable so to reuse it we need a
> slow check.  In order to remove this slow check we forced partman always
> to format the swap spaces.

OK, so docs need such notice.

Thanks for the quick reply.


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