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Bug#280841: partman interface problems

On Fri, Nov 12, 2004 at 01:18:31AM +0100, Guillermo S. Romero wrote:
> Second issue, discover how to keep my data. I decided to test with one
> of the partitions that could be lost, and magic, I found it. Why do I
> have to choose the FS already in use from a list of items that seems
> to be "format as", so then it will allow me to keep it? The list is
> named "How to use this partition". There is a "do not use the
> partition", so why there is no "Keep as <detected format>"? More clear
> and less error prone.

I agree.

> Probably if the format entry was shown in some way it would have
> helped. One principle of UIs is that sometimes things are shown but
> disabled, so people know they exist and will do something under some
> conditions. That option could start as "N/A" or "Choose usage
> first". Similar things can be said about "Mount point" and "Mount
> options", they appear once you have selected something in "Use
> as".

A good idea.

> Third, there is no undo all changes. Once I selected some partition
> options, if I go to the main menu and back, they seem undoable (I got
> two black faces stuck at this moment... which seems to mean keep
> data). I have to always undo before going to menu or otherwise there
> seems no way to start from scratch. Losing the info would be bad if I
> want to keep it, but rebooting being the only way to fully restart
> seems extreme.

Hm, indead.  I didn't realise this...

> K keep instead of black face, F format
> instead of white face, R reformat instead of alien, B bootable instead
> of ray.

These are English only.  On one hand these letters can be made
translatable, on the other hand I like these icons. ;-)

> If it is dangerous to reuse swaps, declare it in docs and
> help, and still let it be skipped.

Detection of the swap space is not reliable so to reuse it we need a
slow check.  In order to remove this slow check we forced partman always
to format the swap spaces.

Anton Zinoviev

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