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Re: partman-auto limitations on sparc

Sven Luther wrote:
> As said on irc, i believe that the problem is twofold here, that is there are
> two parted bugs/features that influence this : 
>   o parted has a bug showing large partitions, du to it using an int and not a
>   larger kind of value. I have a patch for this, and it will go into -9.
>   o parted doesn't seem to cope well with partitions showing the whole disk,
>   since it conflicts with the logic that tests that a given sector can only
>   be part of a single partition. Not sure if this is fixed or not though.
> Anton, do you have any insight on this ? It may be due to partman's shell
> calculations also.

None of that explains why writing the lable to disk and reading it back
out fixes the problem. FWIW, I've added that fix to partman-auto.

see shy jo

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