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Bug#280627: Package: installation-reports

Kees van den Broek wrote:
> * I'd like to define the language in the preseed file, not manually and
> also not on the boot prompt.

So would we all. Bug #276001 is the best approach at it I've seen, but
will only work if the installation media is changed to include a preseed
file, not for network preseeding.

> * DI still asks what debian mirror to use (it lists all dutch mirrors).
> I've got these settings in the preseed file:
> base-config     apt-setup/uri_type      select ftp
> base-config     apt-setup/country       select Netherlands
> base-config     apt-setup/hostname      string ftp.nl.debian.org
> base-config     apt-setup/directory     string /debian
> base-config     apt-setup/another       boolean false
> Seems that hostname is not used...

You're preseeding base-config here, not d-i. d-i's mirror selection is
a different set of lines, see the example in the manual.

> * In the preseed file, I configured: apt-setup/uri_type select ftp
> Works fine, but after that, the security updates are fetched from http
> instead of ftp. Because http is behind a proxy, I want to use ftp. It
> should be using either apt-setup/uri_type or should have a setting in
> the preseed.

This is bug #240711. Note that you can set http proxy values.

> * mdetect, read-edid are installed during installation. I don't want
> this, I want a minimal installation. And I haven't even selected any
> tasksel yet.

See #260801; note they are removed later if X is not installed.

> * "There was a problem installing ..." dialog came up and this got me
> back in the main menu at Select and install packages. Don't know what
> went wrong. What log file to look at?


> * I get a setserial question during installation, i that really
> critical? I don't think so.

Probably due to bug #238301.

> * I get ssh questions, are the really (all) critical?

Not familiar with these.

see shy jo

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