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ms@gps-ulm.de wrote:
> Debian-installer-version: Debian Sarge 3.1 Preview Release 2004 from 
> Lehmanns

I'm sorry, from where? What version? Is Lehmanns some store, or is he
your next door neighbor?

> Booting was OK, selection of language should be different. Why can't I 
> just say LC_ALL=C ?

Because bug #271258 is not fixed yet.

> Oh and of course I need support for my German keyboard with umlauts. 
> They don't work out-of-the-box
> (can't type them at console).

What kind of keyboard did you tell it you had?

> Time zone selection: UTC should appear in first dialogue.

I disagree. The first dialog contains all the choices a typical user
will want, based on the country they are in.

> Installer complains about not being able to access security updates at 
> http://blah/blah -
> why is there no check beforehand if you have internet access at all / if 
> network i-faces are working?

Because bug #251413 is not fixed yet.

> This is ridiculous. If an ethernet device is found, setup should 
> automatically use DHCP to configure it.
> If it fails - prompt user to manually input IP/netmask/etc.

You've just described how the installer works. If it didn't work like
that for you, how did it work?

> after a working kernel! It also would be appreciated if an 
> /etc/apt/sources.list could be generated with
> a nifty console tool right after installation so that I can choose which 
> distro etc and it'll do it all
> for me.

Again, you've just described how the installer works, except that
choosing your "distro" is done when you choose to download a sarge CD.
If it didn't work like that for you, how did it work? This tool that
you're wanting is the same one that you describe above trying to add
security updates for you, so it seems to me it must have run.

> I created my sources.list by hand from scratch,

Why did you do that?

> "apt-get install kde" installs too much crap and not the really 
> important packages to actually run X at all!

Well, this is because X is a client-server system and you asked it to
install the kde system, not an X server.

> Also, why am I not being asked whether I wish a graphical login or not 
> after the X installation? I do NOT
> want it by default

This would only happen if you chose to install gdm or similar. If you
don't want a graphical login, don't install it.

> but it just makes it so and where is the shutdown 
> button? Ctrl+Alt+Backspace ??

AFAIK current versions of gdm (our default login manager) allow you to
shutdown the system.

see shy jo

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