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Bug#279506: installation-reports

On Thursday 04 November 2004 09:29, madjpm wrote:
> I ve got a 'legacy usb' option in my bios but even if I disable or
> enable it, i ve got no usb keyboard with a 2.6 kernel. And this option
> is a little bit dangerous because i only have a usb keyboard and after
> disableling it i was unable to enter the bios configuration menu again
> (I had to clear the bios directly using the jumper on the motherboard)

Agh, very sorry about that.

There is one more thing you could try, which is disabling usb-support in 
linux by booting with 'linux26 installer/probe/usb=false'.
I think that as soon as usb support is loaded by the kernel, this 
recognizes your keyboard and somehow conflicts with the 'legacy usb' 
option in the bios.

Maybe this problem should be reported as a bug against the 2.6.8 kernel 
packages, especially as I understand your keyboard works properly with 
the 2.4 kernel.

> I also noticed some kind of memory problem after reboot several time
> (maybe the ram is not compatible?)

RAM incompatibility with the kernel seems very unlikely to me.
What is the exact problem you see and messages that you get?


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