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Bug#279506: installation-reports

Le mer 03/11/2004 à 21:30, Frans Pop a écrit :
> There are several things you could try here:
> - boot with 'noapic nolapic' boot options
> - check your bios settings for something like 'legacy usb/keyboard
>   support' and change the current setting
> Please let us know the results.
> Cheers,

I ve got a 'legacy usb' option in my bios but even if I disable or
enable it, i ve got no usb keyboard with a 2.6 kernel. And this option
is a little bit dangerous because i only have a usb keyboard and after
disableling it i was unable to enter the bios configuration menu again
(I had to clear the bios directly using the jumper on the motherboard)
I try also to boot using 'noapic nolapic' and no usb keyboard too.

I also noticed some kind of memory problem after reboot several time
(maybe the ram is not compatible?)

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