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rc2 status update

The following issues are contributing to delaying the rc2 release:

 - A new netcfg is needed to properly support WEP. It's built on all
   arches except sparc.
 - The new netcfg has broken the daily image builds on alpha, hppa,
   ia64, m68k. To fix just upgrade libiw27 on the build system. This is
   because of the too-tight versioned dependencies in libiw27.
 - #279366 is breaking task installs, which makes it hard to test
   the full system.
 - A new parted is available fixing MS-DOS idisk label detection when
   Smart BootManager is installed. It's not yet built on sparc, and
   will need some testing.
 - Changes in build/ to support hppa 2.6 kernels need new udebs that are
   not yet in testing. I don't know if the current udebs are ready yet.
   These changes also probably need associated debian-cd fixes.
   There's also a base-installer change needed to install the right
   I haven't decided to let this block the release yet, I could upload
   debian-installer w/o them. Leaning toward giving the hppa people as
   much time as possible to add 2.6 support though, since they really
   need it.

At least the rate of important new bugs turning up seems to have slowed
down a bit. Until the netcfg and a fairly severe languagechooser bug
came to light this weekend, I though for several days that I finally had
the final initrd builds for rc2.

see shy jo

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