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Re: How to use debpartial-mirror?

|--==> Fraser Campbell writes:

  FC> Hi,
  FC> I posted this to debian-user initially but realized this is probably a better 
  FC> list to post to ...

  FC> I'm putting together a custom install cd and the first step seems to be
  FC> getting a local mirror.  I am trying to do that with debpartial-mirror but
  FC> I'm having trouble fine tuning the config.

  FC> Here is my basic /etc/debpartial-mirror.conf which seems to do a fine job of
  FC> fetching the base system and installer components:

  FC>     [mirror]
  FC>     server=http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/

  FC>     local_directory=/var/debian-mirror/
  FC>     get_suggests=false
  FC>     get_recomends=false
  FC>     get_provides=true
  FC>     archs=i386

  FC>     [sarge]
  FC>     include-task=/usr/share/debian-cd/tasks/debian-installer
  FC>     filter=main:base:* main:*:required main:*:important \
  FC>         main/debian-installer:*:*

  FC> I'd like to add apache, postgres and other packages into my mirror but so far
  FC> I haven't figured out how to do so.  So far I've added "include=main:apache"
  FC> and "main:a:apache:* main:liba:libapache-mod-ssl:*" to the filter line,
  FC> neither worked.

  FC> Does anyone know how to do this or can anyone point me in the direction of
  FC> documentation?  I am using 0.2.8 version on sarge.

I'm using something like:

# If using debian-cd tasks, you need filter without any packages. See bellow
filter=main:-:- main/debian-installer:-:-

where /usr/share/debian-cd/tasks/my-task:

/* Basic sarge CD */
#include <debian-installer>
#include <base-sarge>
#include <forcd1>

/* My stuff */
#include <my-packages>

and /usr/share/debian-cd/tasks/my-packages:


You may want to have a look here:




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