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Bug#268792: [m68k] [20041027] [nativehd] Failure turned success with Debian installer on Macintosh Quadra650


With the recent suggestion ny Stephen R. Marenka to use the initrd22.gz ramdisk for 2.2.x kernels, my third installation attempt was succesful and the machine has rebooted (into MacOS). I haven't yet started the second installation phase. Because of the time it takes that will have to wait at least till tomorrow. But: the Unicode(UTF-8) bug which originally let me to file this bugreport is gone, and it could now also install libc6-udeb (and alot more). It took about 10 hours to complete this first installation phase (I have seen worse on this machine with d-i beta3, so that's not meant as a complaint, just to state the fact).

With kind regards, Erik Laan.
Erik C.J. Laan				elaan at dds.nl
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