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netinstall cd & sis900 module


i'm a quite newbie in llinux installations and tried to install debian with a netinstal cd. the problem is that my network card is not recognised... which is inconvenient for a netinstall ....
my network card is a Sis900-Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter,
but when i arrive at the module configuration step and i try to load the sis 900 module it fails ....

here are the messages :
"/lib/modules/2.2.20-idepci/net/sis900.o : init_module : Device or resource busy, hint : irns mod errors can be used by incorrect parameters, includin invalid IO or IRQ parameters. /lib/modules/2.2.20-idepci/net/sis900.o : insmod /lib/modules/2.2.20-idepci/net/sis900.o failed.
/lib/modules/2.2.20-idepci/net/sis900.o : insmod sis900 failed"

can you help me?

thank you very much


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