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Bug#268580: GRUB hangs on first boot after base install

Joey Hess wrote:

Frans Pop wrote:
On Saturday 23 October 2004 13:15, Salvo Isaja wrote:
As a proof, I repeated the installation process, but instead of using
the Debian Installer partition editor, I ran a shell and used fdisk.
Next I resumed Debian Installer and used the partition editor only for
partition types and mount points, completed the installation, installed
GRUB on (hda0) MBR using grup-install via Debian Installer.
Thank you for your analysis. This looks like a known bug (see #263208).
Reassigning this installation report to partman.

Also note that partman's maintainer has requested the contents of
/var/log/debian-installer/partman from a system that experienced the

Since I didn't want to uninstall the whole working system, I've booted
with the Debian CD and did all installation steps until the partition
editing. I chose the manual partition editing, the partition editor
showed my partitions on screen, and next I pressed Esc and started a
shell. I hope this is enough to track the problem. Please let me know if
you need something further.

I've found no /var/log/debian-installer directory in the installer disk
image. The attached file is /var/log/partman.
Around line 38 I read my hard disk is detected to have 63 sectors per
tracks and 16 heads, which is probably the mistake (I read 0F as head
limits in the corrupted partition table). Fdisk reports 255 heads
instead. I'm only guessing: is partman using PCHS instead of LCHS?


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