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Bug#268580: GRUB hangs on first boot after base install

I have played a bit with Debian Installer and GRUB, and I've realized the problem is probably not related at all with GRUB or grub-install.

In fact, the problem arises even if I don't install GRUB at all in the hard disk! That is, the system becomes unbootable and the only solution is dd'ing the MBR from a backup.

I would tend to accuse the Debian Installer partition editor. This is the content of my hda2 partition table entry before and after partition editing:

00   00 C1 FF   0F   FE FF FF   17 1B C4 09   CB A4 8B 04

00   0F FF FF   0F   0F FF FF   55 1B C4 09   2B DC 8B 04

As you can see, both CHS and LBA values of the extended partition get get corrupted. Please refer to my original post for the complete partitioning scheme I've used. In Debian Installer I've just added hda6 and hda7.

Hope this helps,

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