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Bug#274961: Debian Installer multiple problems

On Oct 5, 2004, at 4:30 PM, Joey Hess wrote:

Gerd Knops wrote:
Made some progress with the linux26 installation.

Apparently the apt-get methods or kernel do not like something in my
firewall (FreeBSD3, ipfilter, ipnat). Once I put the system outside the
firewall apt-get works. The odd thing is that it worked without any
problems on the same system/ip/firewall combo when I installed debian

Note that ping etc. worked just fine from inside the firewall.

The firewall log was of no help. I'll investigate further, though I'd
welcome any hints.

perhaps your filewall is doing stupid things with http 1.1 pipelining?
Many do.

I think the problem is deeper rooted than that, as ftp is failing as well. When I manually establish an ftp session I can log in, but midway through the intro screen the connection freezes.

Maybe the kernel thinks the NATed packages are spoofed or something?

Oddly enough I can telnet to some other (outside) systems just fine, or at least I have not triggered yet what causes the freeze...


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