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installation problem


I am trying to install Debian Linux 3.0r2 on my machine but it cannot find the harddisk. My machine's configure is below.

Intel P4 1.6
Gigabyte GA-8irxp (support mbfasttrack 133, and I configure as ata rather than RAID in BIOS)
1st dvd rom connecting to ide1 as master
1st dvd writer connecting to ide2 as master
1st harddisk connecting to ata133 1 as master (installed xp sharing with my brother)
2nd harddisk connecting to ata133 2 as master (trying to install Linux).

If I use RedHat, it can detect the harddisks as /dev/hde0 and /dev/hdg2.
If I use Debian, it cannot find any harddisk and asking floppy disk in which contain the driver.

Please help.

Thank you very much


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