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Re: locale (en_US@euro) generation bug in sarge

Quoting GOTO Masanori (gotom@debian.or.jp):

> > One step will be added so that, from the language/country combination,
> > the user will be able to choose among all valid locales. That step
> > will be medium priority so only expert installs will see it. Others
> > will get the charset/modifier defined in the "fallback locale" for the
> > language.
> I expect your good work as usual :)


As usual, I will first relerase a crappy, badly written script which
does the job but has many bugs and untested situations...

I'm perfgectly aware of my skills and limitations..:-)

Then, Joeyh, Frans and a lot of others will help me in fixing all this
and get something less crappy and better written...:-)

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