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Re: preseed file failed to load

underdog10@netcourrier.com wrote:
> I am using the 20041004 netinst cd image.
> I have been testing daily netinst iso for sarge.
> I wish to use the preseed file.
> I make my manual install once and generated it with this command line:
>    debconf-get-selections --installer > file
>    debconf-get-selections >> file
> Then i would to replicate this installation using preseed.
> I order to test i try to put the preseed file on a http server and on a floppy with this boot prameters
> preseed/url=http://IP/file
> preseed/file=/floppy/file
> In both case i get a failed to load preseed file.
> i don't undestand why since i did make any change in the preseed file. and also because if i use the console i can read file my file in both case network on local.
> Does anyone got a idea why?

Your preseed file is corrupt. Send a copy of it to this list and I might
be able to tell you why. Or try to load it with debconf-set-selections
and look at the error messages.

see shy jo

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