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Re: NTFS resize in partman

On Thu, Sep 30, 2004 at 01:40:28PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> Well it was grepping for "may resize" but the string is "might resize"[1].
> Fixed that, but the code to get the size also depended on the existence
> of $backupdev/$oldid, and backupdev was
> /var/lib/partman/backup/devices/=... -- the /devices/ seems to be wrong.
> I think I've fixed these problems and it works for me, but I would
> appreciate a check.


> One weird thing. It told me the minimum size was 3.2 gb, but if I typed
> in exactly that, it said "too small size". I changed it to 3.3 and it
> was ok. Rounding error? The actual minimum, according to ntfsresize, is
> 3231584256 bytes.

3.2G = 3200000000 bytes and is less than 3232584256 bytes

> BTW, if you'd like to commit partman-autolvm, I have time to work on
> debugging it.

I think this week I will be able to look at this package and see why it
didn't work in Oldenburg.  Then I will commit it.  But if you want to
start debugging it earlier - then you can commit it right now.

> [1] clue to ntfsresize developers: if you have to add a
>     /* WARNING: don't modify the text, external tools grep for it */
>     then you're doing something wrong; add a new command line option
>     with a decent interface!

For the next release (of Debian, not of d-i) it would be better to add
NTFS support in parted.  I don't like the code in partman and moreover
no progress bars are now possible.

Anton Zinoviev

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