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Re: [Indlinux-group] Re: State of graphical installer

Guntupalli Karunakar wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 14:43:27 +0200
> Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> > Is anybody interested in reviving it and working on a graphical
> > > installation method?
> > 
> > As answered quickly on IRC, Joey Hess mentioned in his Oldenburg
> > report that Konstantinos and Colin showed some interest.
> > 
> > I may add that people working on Hindic script languages
> > localization issues would probably be highly interested as a recent
> > conclusion was that having a kind of graphical installer using GTK
> > and the Pango library is the only way to properly display Hindic
> > languages.
> > 
> > (it would also help a lot for all languages needing some
> > preprocessing, such as right-to-left languages or Thai, or probably
> > several other languages)
> > 
> > Early post-sarge development is probably the most appropriate moment
> > for reviving all this.
> > 
> Where can I get the source for this? would start taking a peek into
> it.

There's the status page on www.debian.org:

The source for the installer is in the subversion repository:

The source for the GTK frontend to (c)debconf is in the directory:

I guess it's best to dig into the installer first before you are
able to relly help with the GTK frontend, though.



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