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Re: NTFS resize in partman

Anton Zinoviev wrote:
> > One weird thing. It told me the minimum size was 3.2 gb, but if I typed
> > in exactly that, it said "too small size". I changed it to 3.3 and it
> > was ok. Rounding error? The actual minimum, according to ntfsresize, is
> > 3231584256 bytes.
> 3.2G = 3200000000 bytes and is less than 3232584256 bytes

Yes exactly, it must be a rounding error and it should be careful not to
give a minimum size that is smaller than the true minimum.

> > BTW, if you'd like to commit partman-autolvm, I have time to work on
> > debugging it.
> I think this week I will be able to look at this package and see why it
> didn't work in Oldenburg.  Then I will commit it.  But if you want to
> start debugging it earlier - then you can commit it right now.

I would but my tree is missing all the fixes we made in Oldenburg.

see shy jo

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