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Bug#274615: Add CDROM fails due to broken symlink and no error notification

Jason Wies wrote:
> The problem was that the /cdrom symlink was broken.  The other problem
> was that I was not presented with any indication that there was an
> error, only returned to the same screen.  I was able to read the
> /cdrom symlink error message when it flashed at the bottom of the
> screen for a split second, but that's not good enough.
> About the symlink:
> "mount: /cdrom is a symbolic link to nowhere"
> /cdrom -> media/cdrom
> /media/cdrom -> cdrom0
> 'find /dev -name cdrom0' yielded no results.

This would be thanks to the discover1 cdrom mount point deletion bug,
fixed in unstable.

I don't know if I really want to add code to base-config to specifically
notice that /cdrom is a dangling symlink and warn the user about it.
Aside from stupid discover breakage, it's too much of an edge case to
seem worth the bother.

see shy jo

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