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Bug#274516: [powerpc] [pre-rc2] [floppy] oldworld ppc 7300 failure

On Saturday, October 2, 2004, at 08:24 AM, Fabian Linzberger wrote:

detailed diagnosis:

bootloader seems to work fine, soon as the penguin logo and the linux
bootmessages should come up, display is completely garbled.

bootloader seems to work fine, penguin logo comes up in green colors,
no further output.

floppy-2.4/boot.img, floppy-2.4/ofonlyboot.img
nice little penguin/monitor logo comes up, but is soon crossed out in red...


The "crossed out in red" you are getting for the 2.4 boot floppies ("floppy-2.4/*boot.img") usually means that the boot loader got some kind of error when reading the kernel image off the floppy.

Your experience with the 2.6 boot floppies ("floppy/*boot.img") is consistent with my own results on a beige G3 mini-tower and a powerMac 6500/225.

However, I am able to get the 2.4 boot floppy (but not the 2.4 ofonlyboot floppy) to load and run its kernel on both of my test machines.

So I suspect you are running up against I/O errors in reading the boot floppy. This is a common problem. The firmware floppy driver is not very tolerant of minor errors that would be recoverable with a more sophisticated driver.

Two suggestions:

1) Invest in a floppy drive cleaning kit. Don't be afraid to clean your drive a couple of times if it's been unused for a long time. There can be a lot of dust accumulated inside.

2) Here's the script I use to write the floppy images. Reading back the floppy with "cmp" gives me some confidence that the write was successful.

#!/bin/bash -p

for II in "$@"
        ls -l "$II"
        echo 'insert floppy now, please'
        read dummy # pause til user hits <cr>
        dd if="$II" of=/dev/fd0 bs=1024
        cmp /dev/fd0 "$II"
        eject /dev/fd0
        JJ="$(basename $II '.img')"
        echo "Please label as $JJ"

It's invoked as (for example):
	makefloppy boot.img root.img net-drivers.img



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