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partconf-mkfstab 1.00 fails to create /etc/fstab

Hi, Debian-Installer folks!

Here's an IRC log from #debian-boot on irc.debian.org.  Sorry, I'm a
big fan of kill/yank.

<elmig> maybe you can give a short explanation an pray to one of the experts
+it's paying attention

<Sebboh> Sure.  The partconf-mkfstab thingy fails because it tries to
read something
+about my floppy, but I don't have one. (FDC disabled in bios.)  So,
+/target/etc/fstab isn't created properly, and then other scripts like the
+lilo installer can't find /, so that sucks.  Solution: I enabled the FDC in
+bios.  But, the mkfstab script-thingy should be modified, see?

<elmig> it should not fail...

<Sebboh> in short, for want of a floppy, my /etc/fstab still says # UNCONFIGURED
+FSTAB FOR BASE SYSTEM ...  I traced the problem to mkfstab.  I guess.  I'm no

<elmig> you need to discuss that with an expert

<Sebboh> Well, I fixed it, now, debian is installed properly.  I just
need to report
+it, and then go about my business. =)  How do I do that?

<elmig> bus.debian.org                  (ed: sic)

<elmig> if you know the name of the package and version you can make it by

And, check this out!
~ # cat /var/log/debian-installer/package-versions | grep fstab
partconf-mkfstab 1.00

Anyway, hopefully this information helps you.  I really like this new
debian-installer, (in the past, I've only used stable...)  If there's
anything else I can do to help, just let me know.  I can re-do the
installation and grab some logs, if you tell me what to grab...

Peace out!
--David Loyall
Nebraska, USA

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