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Re: Bug#274396: pre-RC2 successful install

At 2 Oct 04 07:04:30 GMT,
Tapio Lehtonen wrote:
> > Looks like the font reduction system did not work properly. If it
> > fails with Swedish also, this is not related to countrychooser
> > bug. 273857 reports similar problems.
> > 
> > Could you create a installer/needed-characters/fi file with all
> > characters required by Finnish ? While you're at it, and provided you
> > can do it, do the same for Swedish.
> > 
> Attached are fi and sv for needed-characters. I think I understood the
> README and only included the characters not already in ASCII. Finnish
> uses also the a with ring, but not in any text currently in installer,
> so I put it only in sv. The euro sign is in both languages, but not
> used in installer.

IMHO needed-characters is just a patch, is not solution.
And needed-characters is used by all of root image, not only for floppy.

But I simulated to add missing glyph for floppy.

1. create all of glyph from udeb file ('ja' doesn't mean only Japanese at this time :-) ).

foreach F (tmp/floppy_cd-drivers/tree/*.udeb tmp/floppy_net-drivers/tree/*.udeb)
dpkg -I $F templates >> needed-characters/ja

2. Build floppy_root image.

3. Compare it with non-glyph version.

file         before  after
all.utf      112012  304848
unifont.bdf  162683  241449
unifont.bgf   79076  113780

- finally unifont.bgf is used by initrd.
- This haven't i18n'ed netcfg.
- This lacks some package's templates till unifont loads.

Kenshi Muto

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