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Bug#274396: pre-RC2 successful install

Tapio Lehtonen wrote:
> Still X Window has pc104 and us layout. Same for Gnome. 
> I booted from floppies, chose finnish keyboard. Looked like choosing 
> country did not work, seemed it does not open a submenu. Finnish text 
> was strange, I think it is missing all ä-characters, that is a with 
> umlaut. Also most of the text was in english, but they should be 
> translated to finnish. After CD was used finnish got better.
> If the floppies do not have room for proper translation, it is better to 
> make them english only. Now finnish was lousy when so many characters 
> were replaced with a space. 

What was the first screen where you saw (broken) finnish text? I guess
it was after you loaded one of the driver floppies? Which one?

see shy jo

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