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Re: Bug#274396: pre-RC2 successful install

> I tried with choosing swedish as language at the beginning. In this
> case the choosing country or region works, it asks me if I'm FI or
> SV. But the problem with a with umlaut characters replaced with spaces
> persists. When I get to Debian installer main menu screen, it has some
> lines in swedish. The a with umlauts are wiped out, but there are o
> with umlaut and a with ring. Strange, this is not a font or display
> only in ASCII problem, it is just the a with umlaut that will not
> display.

Looks like the font reduction system did not work properly. If it
fails with Swedish also, this is not related to countrychooser
bug. 273857 reports similar problems.

Could you create a installer/needed-characters/fi file with all
characters required by Finnish ? While you're at it, and provided you
can do it, do the same for Swedish.

Petter, the same for nn and nb would be great.

It's probably not the direct cause of the problem as all charaters
from udebs which are in initrd's are always kept even if the
needed-characters file is not there...but it probably won't hurt.

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