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Bug#274330: countrychooser: Uninstallable with Japanese (and maybe some other languages)

Package: countrychooser
Severity: serious
Version: sid d-i 20040930 (= same as tc2?)


When I choose Japanese for install language, countrychooser returns
error silently.
Here is IRC log with Christian Perrier.

15:11 <bubulle> kmuto: what is broken?
15:12 >kmuto< could you try to choice Japanese?
15:13 >kmuto< s/choice/choose/
15:13 >kmuto< INFO: Menu item 'countrychooser' succeeded bu requested to be left unconfigured.
15:14 *** Action: bubulle tries
15:15 <bubulle> dammit
15:17 <bubulle> how the f.... could this pass through fjp and my tests?
15:17 >kmuto< french,english,chinese look OK
15:18 >kmuto< if language has only one default country, this problem happens, I think.
15:20 *** Action: bubulle hates mornings
15:22 <bubulle> it fails at "db_get $shortlist"
15:26 <bubulle> hmm, OK. When the language has only one country, then countrychooser uses countrychooser/shortlist and not countrychooser/shortlist-xx
15:26 <bubulle> but there is no mor esuch template in the final templates file
15:28 >kmuto< is that easy to fix?
15:29 >kmuto< this is maybe first errata of tc2...
15:29 <bubulle> kmuto: I guess it is. This is in fjp's new scripts for generating templates. I didn't find where
15:29 <bubulle> this is a huge erratum
15:29 >kmuto< bubulle: should I fill this to BTS?
15:30 <bubulle> kmuto: sure...severity "serious"
15:30 >kmuto< OK
15:30 <bubulle> maybe "important" but it breaks too much languages

This is really serious bug for some languages have only one country.
Errata is one of announcement method, but I think it is better to
release fixed tc2 after countrychooser is fixed.

Kenshi Muto

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